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Source Code Episode 12- Jared Truby & Benjamin Paz

In our last episode of the season, we sit down with Jared Truby from Cat & Cloud Coffee out of Santa Cruz, CA and as a bonus, we roped in our mutual friend and Honduran Coffee producer and exporter Benjamin Paz. With over 20 years of Specialty Coffee experience under his belt and growth of 2 successful companies: Verve Coffee Roasters as well as Cat & Cloud, Jared is extremely passionate about Culture, Values, leadership, hospitality, quality, and growth- all essential ingredients to the success of Cat & Clouds buying program. Jared also hosts a very popular podcast along with his business partner Chris Baca titled Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast where they unpack the lessons they've learned along their journey from being barista champions ,to building a mission driven business and everything in between so having Jared and Benjamin as our last guests of the season made for an awesome conversation around quality, hospitality and sustainability.

Source Code Episode 11- Mike Nelson

On this weeks episode, Colin talks to Mike Nelson from Junior's Roasted: a micro-roastery based in Portland, Oregon, and was founded by Caryn and Mike Nelson. Mike brings over fifteen years of experience in the industry as a barista, educator, trainer and roaster with specialty coffee companies in Portland, New York, and Scandinavia. He earned a MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University in Sweden and a MSc in Geography at Florida State University. His graduate research began with a focus on climate change impacts on coffee leaf rust, and evolved into coffee producer knowledge systems.

Source Code Episode 10- Tyler Youngblood & Ryan Knapp

On this weeks Source Code Podcast, we got a special two for one episode for you. When we found out that Tyler Youngblood and Ryan Knapp would be in Chicago, we sized the opportunity to invite them on to the program to discuss the very important work Azahar is doing on the subject of equity and sustainability.

Source Code Episode 09- Sam Sabori

On this weeks Episode we sit down with Intelligentsia Coffee's Director of Coffee Sam Sabori. Sam has worked at Intelligentsia since 2011, Sam walks us through some of his responsibilities which include- r approving coffees for purchase, blend development, and roast profile maintenance, as well as traveling to origins to buy coffee for one of North America's leading Specialty Coffee Roasters.

Source Code Episode 08- Andrea Otte

In this episode of Source Code, we talk Andrea "Otter" Otte from Caravan Coffee Roasters in the UK. This episode was filmed at Good Pepper Studios and audio from the interview is now available to listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Source Code Episode 07- Steven Lee

Steven Lee began his coffee career in 1996 as a barista at Peet’s Coffee in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending a number of years in the Training & Education Department of Peet’s, he moved on to help open the Roasting and QC Department at Intelligentsia Coffee’s Los Angeles Roasting Works, where he developed his love for the craft of roasting. Since then he has worked on a number of consultancy projects, and has served as a judge for international coffee competitions. Steve’s most recent role brought him to South Korea where he was the Director of Coffee for the SPC Group. In this position, he oversaw all coffee movement for each of the companies in the group and focused on strategic purchase planning, and creating Direct Relationships with the coffee supply chain.

Source Code Episode 06- Laney Drury

On this weeks program, we have Laney Drury from Remedy Supply Co on the program. Prior to launching her own brand, Laney served as Verve Coffee Roasters Green Coffee Buyer for 4 years dedicating her time to Farm Level mission to quality and sustainability. Today, Laney is focused on building a quality-driven brand in her own neck of the woods (Auburn, CA) in partnership with another local roasting company (Clementine Coffee Roasters) and cafe (Pour Choice) with a mission to "bring you beautiful products full of heart and soul."

Source Code Episode 05- Josh Hockin

On this weeks episode of Source Code, we talk to one of Canada's smartest, funniest and talented coffee buyers- Mr Josh Hockin. I first met Josh back in 2016 on a visit to Colombia and there we formed a bond (at least I think we did?) that bloomed into a distant friendship and so, for me, having josh on the program is both and honor and a pleasure and I hope you enjoying listening to his perspective as much as we did.

Source Code Episode 04- Kyle Ramage

In this weeks episode, we talk to 2017 United States Barista Champion and Co-Owner of Black and White Coffee Roasters- Kyle Ramage. Kyle, along with business partner and 2016 US Barista Champion Lem Butler launched Black and White in 2017 with a mission to make exceptional coffee simple. In this episode, Kyle walks us through Black and White's Origin story along with some of the challenges they faced through the pandemic and how they recovered along with sharing Black and White's approach to buying and managing relationships.

Source Code Episode 03- Tim Hill

In Episode 03 of Source Code Coffee Podcast we interview, we talk to Mr.Timothy Hill from Atlantic Specialty on what got them started in the coffee industry and how his time at Counter Culture Coffee led him to explore the potential of coffee. In what could be our most "Coffee Science" episode of Source Code, Tim talks about new and exiting studies on shelf stability and encourages the next generation of coffee professionals to further their education in science to better the future of coffee.

Source Code Episode 02-Gabe Boscana

In episode two, Source Code host Colin Frew and Xavier Alexander interview Gabriel Boscana- Owner of Maquina Coffee from West Chester, PA. With over 20 years in the Specialty Coffee industry, Gabe has held every job imaginable in the coffee industry: Barista, Educator, Green Buyer and now founder of Maquina- Gabe walks us through their 20 + years in the coffee industry working for the likes of Gimmie Coffee, Intelligentsia, Sightglass and how, over the years his approach to working with small coffee producers and importers to develop a meaningful, transparent and quality driven company- this time on his own terms and without any compromises.

Source Code Episode 01- Xavier Alexander

In our first Source Code Episode, host Colin Frew (Metric's Roasting Manager and Buyer) interview's Metric's Co-Founder Xavier Alexander to discuss the scope of the project and share his personal views on why public education is crucial and along with discussing Source Code's Case Study and Value Chain Analysis.

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