Source Code Episode 12- Jared Truby & Benjamin Paz

In our last episode of the season, we sit down with Jared Truby from Cat & Cloud Coffee out of Santa Cruz, CA and as a bonus, we roped in our mutual friend and Honduran Coffee producer and exporter Benjamin Paz. With over 20 years of Specialty Coffee experience under his belt and growth of 2 successful companies: Verve Coffee Roasters as well as Cat & Cloud, Jared is extremely passionate about Culture, Values, leadership, hospitality, quality, and growth- all essential ingredients to the success of Cat & Clouds buying program. Jared also hosts a very popular podcast along with his business partner Chris Baca titled Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast where they unpack the lessons they've learned along their journey from being barista champions ,to building a mission driven business and everything in between so having Jared and Benjamin as our last guests of the season made for an awesome conversation around quality, hospitality and sustainability.

On our last episode of the season, we talk to Cat & Cloud's Co-Owner Jared Truby and as a bonus, our mutual friend from Beneficio San Vicente in Santa Barbra Honduras Benjamin Paz. Because of our buying relationship with Benjamin Paz, we asked Benjamin who among all of his clients would make a great guest for our program and without hesitation Benjamin said Jared Truby which then resulted in an introduction and subsequent invitation to our program. 

During our talk, we learned more about Jared's approach to relationships at Origin along with his fervent mission to sustainability, hospitality and culture- definitely an inspiring individual doing amazing things in coffee. 

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